Tamarindo we love you

Tamarindo sunset

How to get there

After almost three weeks in Nicaragua we decided to head South and go to Tamarindo. We took the Nica Bus from Granada all the way across the border and asked the driver to drop us in Liberia, near the bus station for Tamarindo where we hopped on a chicken bus for the last two hours of our journey. In total, it took as around five hours to get there.  

 The Location

We like Tamarindo. After graduating from high school, I went to Central America for half a year and spent several months there. My sister first visited Tamarindo three years ago and didn’t mind going back a second time.  We had a great time and spent over a week there because we just couldn’t leave.

Let’s face it, it’s not exactly a chilled backpacker destination, but it has a lot to offer. For example, the nightlife. Tamarindo is not as big as people say and think. There is only one party each day of the week and you can be sure to meet the person you are looking for there. To my surprise this hasn’t changed since I was there ten years ago. Wednesday is still Ladies Night and some of the local surfer boys are still the same ones… The beach is nice and the surf is good for beginners. We enjoyed staying at the Oveja Negra hostel and met good people to party and play mini golf with.

Don’t miss

The sunset in Tamarindo is simply incredible. I know this could be said about a lot of beach towns on the pacific coast of Latin America but there is something about this sunset that takes my breath away. If you get the chance grab some repellent and go down to the beach and enjoy this incredible scene.

 Things to watch out for:

The prices. Tamarindo is a bit more expensive than most places in Latin America, especially the food in restaurants. But this does not mean that Tamarindo can’t be done on a budget. Stay in one of the many backpacker hostels and prepare your own meals and you will have plenty of money left to spend on sunset beers.

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