Medellin: Top five things to do


We love Medellín! Just fifteen years ago, it was one of the most dangerous city in the world. Now it is probably the most fascinating city we’ve ever visited. The worst neighbourhoods have been upgraded with squares and libraries for the public. The locals are proud of their innovative public transport system and wouldn’t dare to leave […]

Three trips from Santa Marta: Tayrona National Park, Costeño Surf Camp and Minca


Sooner or later everyone who travels along the Caribbean coast of Colombia ends up in Santa Marta. The city doesn’t have much to offer but it is well suited as a starting point for various trips and is therefore worth visiting. We deposited our luggage in one of the hostels and explored different destinations only […]

The San Blas Islands: From Panama to Colombia by speedboat

San Blas

Still today it is not possible to cross the border between Panama and Colombia by land. There is a thick jungle inhabited by guerillas and drug traffickers and a road to connect these two countries doesn’t exist. This leaves two possibilities: The first one is to fly and the second one is to do a […]