8 types of travellers: Which destinations in Latin America suit you?

Latin America Guide

3. The Safety-Freak

Typical characteristics

You want to see the world but you are not sure if Latin America is the right place for you. When you think about travelling you feel stressed and you see everything that could go wrong before you have even left your house. You have googled Latin America + Safety several times and you bookmarked your favorite pages. Travelling by yourself is not an option and you want to plan your whole trip in advance. You know Brazil’s crime statistics by heart and you have thought about bringing a pepper spray on your trip.

Tamarindo Costa Rica
Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica

Places to visit

Based on statistics Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina and Uruguay are the safest countries in Latin America. I have only been to Costa Rica and I think this is an ideal place if you are worried about your safety. There are a lot of tourists and it is extremely easy to travel. If Spanish is an issue you will have no problems in Costa Rica as a lot of people speak English.

But in general a lot of the safety issues in Latin America depend on you and your behavior! I have done three long trips through Latin America and I have never been robbed. I am not paranoid about safety but I follow general advice by locals. So for example if locals tell you not to walk along the beach at night, don’t do it! Often tourists get robbed in situations that could have been avoided.

Places to avoid

Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, parts of Mexico and places such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These are the most dangerous places in Latin America based on statistics. But remember, each country has its more dangerous and safer parts.

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  1. This is such an informative and helpful post! I want to go to so many places, but I need to remember not everywhere is suited to my style of travel!

    1. 3rd Culture Kid says: Reply

      Thank you Brooklyn! I hope you find the right places for you.

  2. I would love to go to Buenos Aires and Costa Rica!
    Cute post but Super helpful in guiding!

    1. 3rd Culture Kid says: Reply

      You should go!

  3. Great Post Altough I find myself a bit in several types of travellers. Nature lover and lazy bum all in one. It just proofs that Latin America has something for everyone

    1. 3rd Culture Kid says: Reply

      Yes for sure! Latin America has so much to offer.

  4. OMG I’m so #2. Pinning this.

    1. 3rd Culture Kid says: Reply

      Thank you! Yeah #2 is good for Latin America. It has a lot to offer!

  5. Love this! Latin America just has so much going on it’s hard to know where to start. I think I’m a bit of everything so it goes to show it has something for everyone!

  6. Love it!!! I am no.1 Always adventurous!! 🙂

    1. 3rd Culture Kid says: Reply

      Yes! I think me too. Although, I think I might be a little bit of everything

  7. Such a fun post! Like others, I’m a little bit of many of these. And I’d love to see pretty much every inch of Latin America…I’m a little obsessed. 😀 Haven’t hit SA yet but it’s on my list!

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