Polish Weddings | 5 things newbies should know

Polish Wedding

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Swiss-Polish Wedding. The celebrations took place in Poland and they were organized according to Polish traditions. In addition to the invitation, the Swiss guests received a guide to Polish weddings with useful information about customs and norms. This made me curious. I was looking forward to spending […]

Video: How to Make Ecuadorian Encocado de Camaron (Shrimp in Coconut Sauce) at home

Encocado de camaron (shrimp in coconut sauce)

Encocado de Camaron is a delicious dish from the coast of Ecuador and Colombia. I discovered this meal when I was travelling through Latin America a few years ago. After months of eating rice and beans, I decited to try something different when I was in Canoa, Ecuador and immediately fell in love with this […]