Nicaragua’s Playa Gigante – Three days to remember

Playa Gigante

Playa Gigante in Nigaragua is a small fishing village near Playa Colorado, a popular surfspot. From San Juan del Sur it is easiest to take a taxi. We shared one between five people and paid $ 50.

The accommodation:

The hostel el Camino right on the beach is perfect. It’s a place to eat, sleep and just enjoy the day. If you want to surf you can go to Playa Colorado. It’s a 30 to 40-minute walk or you can take a taxi.

The entertainment:

Play table football. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great way to meet people. Watch out for the Peruvian brothers. They were the only ones that were able to beat us.

The legendary “open mic” party takes place every Wednesday at the Camino Hostel. Anyone can sing, play music or entertain. We were surprised by how many talented people there were! For example, a Canadian working as a professional comedian (Couscous Comedy Show).

In addition, a natural healing practitioner from LA introduced us to the world of “Acroyoga”, a combination of acrobatics and yoga.

The food:

The chefs of the comedores (local restaurants) are wonderful. If you ask they will tell you all about their fresh ingredients and how to best cook the fish. And thanks to our travel buddy, we always ate well. The star chef from Spain made friends with the chefs at the hostel and used their kitchen to prepare wonderful meals for us.






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