Journey to the end of the world



Imagine, being obsessed with trying to reach the end of the world. For weeks, you hike through canyons and up steep hills until you can’t go any further. You dive into a world where there are no roads, no telephones, no Internet and no world news. The lives of the people there is shaped by the seasons and their daily routine by the needs of their animals and their believes.



A world, you can only reach thanks to an amazing team and strong pack animals.



A kitchen team responsible for the food, creates delicious and nutritious meals under extremely simple conditions.

You pass by all types of landscapes and natural phenomenon. Taken in by their highs and lows you embark on an emotional journey.



You meet people whose lives are fundamentally different from your own.



All members of the family work to survive in such an isolated environment. Children only recently started going to school. Before, they learned everything they needed to know through work at home.



People there are exposed to the extreme forces of nature. The only thing they can hold on to for support is their belief. Religion is omnipresent and becomes part of the landscape.



This journey leaves a lasting impression and keeps us dreaming for weeks.



Until we do it all over again, only to dive deeper into a fascinating world, mostly unknown to modern society.


Upper Dolpo in Nepal, near the border to Tibet

Text and photos by Karl Schuler

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