Eleven good reasons to visit Iceland

Reasons to visit Iceland

Iceland is one of Europe’s hippest destinations at the moment. Especially in the summer months, it can get pretty crowded on this small Island. My sister Nicole, had the pleasure of visiting Iceland during a ten day road trip and she has put together a list of eleven good reasons to visit Iceland. Check it out!

Text and pictures by Nicole


1. Adventures

From hiking to biking or trying local food (Hrútspungar, Rams testicles), Iceland has plenty of adventures to discover. My favorite was riding a snowmobile on the Vatnajökull Glacier! Since this is something we can’t do in Switzerland it was definitely one of my main reasons to visit Iceland.

Reasons to visit Iceland


2. Black Beach

Because look at it! It’s beautiful!

Reasons to visit Iceland


3. Geyser

Every few minutes, a water fountain splashes out of the hole. Be sure to have your camera ready!

Reasons to visit Iceland


 4. Glaciers

Be sure to visit the glaciers. Weather you hike up a mountain to see them form the top or watch the ice break into the water – they are impressive!

Reasons to visit Iceland


5. Hot Springs

Everybody visits the Blue Lagoon and it can get crowded. Why not try a different place to enjoy hot springs? My personal favorite was at Mývatn. We basically had the place to ourselves! This was a great experience and should be one of the main reasons to visit Iceland.

Reasons to visit Iceland


 6. Icelandic Horses

They are small. And nice. It was my first and only good experience riding a horse. Ever. So if you’ll ever give horse riding a chance, do it in Iceland.

Reasons to visit Iceland


 7. Street Art

I bet you didn’t know street art was one of the reasons to visit Iceland. But it is! There is some pretty amazing street art in Reykjavik. My favorite was at crystal beach, looking back toward Jökulsárlón. What reminded me of Banksy, was actually done be the Norwegian street artist Pøbel.

Reasons to visit Iceland


8. Sulfur

The smell of sulfur around Námaskarð (near Mývatn) is so intense. The region just really makes you realize that we’re living on an amazing planet.

Reasons to visit Iceland


9. Volcanoes

As a Swiss girl, I’m not really around volcanoes much. So hiking on craters at midningt (it doesn’t really get dark in Iceland during summer) was very exciting to me.

Reasons to visit Iceland


10. Waterfalls

There are many! And yes, even if you’re used to waterfalls, I found that the ones in Iceland were really worth the visit!

Reasons to visit Iceland


11. Weather

You may experience five changes of weather PER DAY, so be sure to pack accordingly and be sure to have everything ready in the car! Although the weather can get pretty scary, it is a fascinating experience and definitely one of the reasons to visit Iceland.


Reasons to visit Iceland


Do you know of any other good reasons to visit Iceland? Leave a comment and let us know!


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