Video: How to Make Ecuadorian Encocado de Camaron (Shrimp in Coconut Sauce) at home

Encocado de camaron (shrimp in coconut sauce)

Encocado de Camaron is a delicious dish from the coast of Ecuador and Colombia. I discovered this meal when I was travelling through Latin America a few years ago. After months of eating rice and beans, I decited to try something different when I was in Canoa, Ecuador and immediately fell in love with this […]

Chapada Diamantina: A visual tour of a different Brazil

Chapada Diamantina

Exactly one year ago I visited Brazil’s Chapada Diamantina region. It is a place with overwhelming nature, where you can hike for days and discover truly amazing spots. No tourists, no cars, no noise. I got to know a side of Brazil which is very different from the vibrant beaches and cities. And I liked it. […]